Legal Strategies makes valuable reports and sources of information available to you, particularly for immigration cases. Please review any of the following sources to see if they relate to your country or case at issue.

Where are you from? Your country might have a travel warning advisory or list of dangers described in US State Department Reports. Click below to see below:

Country Conditions & Travel Warnings from the State Department

Your country likely has been reviewed by United Nations agencies for different dangers, human rights conditions, corruption, and other conditions. Click on the links below to see if your country has helpful reports on these issues for your case.

The United Nations (UN) organizes information by “region” and also by “issue”, which typically concerns matters like crime, corruption, and violence, please check the links below to see if any relate to your country or issue.

Latin america


Middle East


Crime and law

Immigration courts in the U.S. are continuously developing and applying immigration law in different decisions, some of which are reviewable and are published. The links below cover immigration cases, however also include courts that decide several other areas of law. The US Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States which decides a legal matter for the entire United States. It has the highest rank in the country and takes precedence over all other courts and cases. When a case applies from the US Supreme Court, it is very important and must be followed by other agencies and courts.

There is a link for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, because Assad Hafeez Esq. and Legal Strategies Company practices in the Ninth Circuit which includes states like California. Hafeez’ office is located in Sacramento, California. The different federal circuits in the U.S. have developed different specific treatments of different matters in immigration law, therefore it is possible for many different important processes and procedures to be different from one circuit, to another. The link for the Ninth Circuit includes cases from that circuit which would applicable to immigration cases coming from California, because it is within the Ninth Circuit. The Ninth Circuit Court hears appeals and often decides where there were any legal errors or mistakes by an immigration judge, immigration court, or by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), within it’s jurisdiction. Cases can be taken to the Ninth Circuit for review, which can result in a correction of an error made by a judge or board member. These decisions are listed on the link below for the Ninth Circuit. This court decides matters beyond immigration as well, so not all of the cases will be related to immigration.

Lastly, links are provided below for general California law and by the highest Court that makes final decisions of California law, the Supreme Court of California. Many decisions made by California courts can have a large impact on the rights of immigrants that live here, therefore these links are also provided for your benefit.

Immigration case updates

US Supreme Court updates

Ninth Circuit Court Appeals updates

California law updates, including the Supreme Court of California