Attorney Assad Hafeez of Sacramento tells all regarding the new Sacramento Immigration Court. Watch here or read on below. Call/text at 916-836-5755 for an appointment or to secure representation!

Where is the new Sacramento Immigration Court?

John Moss Federal Building

650 Capitol Mall, Suite 4-200, Sacramento CA 95814

What counties or places fall within jurisdiction of Sacramento Immigration Court?

This Court serves and has jurisdiction over the counties of Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Amador, Sutter, Yuba, and Nevada. The City of Davis is included however not the rest of Yolo County.

How do I contact the new Sacramento Court?

Call the Court directly at: 916-447-9301.

8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday

Can I move my case there?

Yes but some cases are already being moved there automatically (at this time). The Court administrator Scott McDaniel started transferring cases without a motion to change venue from San Francisco, to Sacramento. Most of those cases are either of unrepresented persons living in the Sacramento area, or when the applicant and the attorney lives in the Sacramento area together.

Which Judges are there?

Judge Theresa Scala will hear non-detained cases while also testing Court IT gear initially.

Judges Geisse and David Neumeister, originally from LA, will start hearing cases in September 4, 2019. These are expected to be the only two dedicated Court Judges at Sacramento Immigration Court, until further resources are allocated to this location.

From September 4 2019 to October 25 2019, Judge Geisse will hear Sacramento Master Calendar hearings for half the day, and the other half will be devoted to San Francisco Video teleconference cases (VTC). After October 25, 2019, Judge Geisse will only hear Sacramento cases.

A new judge will be sworn in San Francisco and assume Judge Geisse’s cases in late October 2019.

Judge Neumeister starts hearing cases September 17, 2019.

What kinds of cases are heard there? Can my case be heard there?

Sacramento Immigration Court is only for non-detained cases at this time. Your case can be heard there if it is non-detained, or if you are not under arrest or in custody of immigration authorities. You must live in or around Sacramento area or be from one or more of the counties mentioned in the areas that are within jurisdiction of this Court.

You can file a Motion to Change Venue or a request to move your Court case to this Court if you can demonstrate your eligibility. Contact Assad Hafeez Esq. if you want him to file this motion on your behalf.

When do cases start there?

Unrepresented cases will be heard as early as August 28, 2019. Other non-detained cases will start being heard on September 4, 2019.

Where do I file motions or court papers?

Motions will start to be decided at the end of August 2019. At the start, attorneys may not get much notice for decisions on these motions, however expect Staff to call at least a day before the hearing with a decision.

Mail motions to the address:

650 Capitol Mall, Suite 4-200, Sacramento CA 95814.

In-person filings are not available until Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

Where can I find an immigration attorney to represent me there?

Assad Hafeez Esq. is a local Sacramento-native immigration attorney and has several immigration court cases scheduled at this Court, including Removal and Deportation Defense cases, including Asylum cases. His office is only 4 minutes away where he meets on a appointment-only basis:

510 Bercut Drive, Ste V, Sacramento CA 95811.

Call or text him to schedule your case review session or to secure representation immediately at 916-836-5755.