Small claims, affordable legal service

Assad Hafeez Esq. is now offering small claims court assistance for those interesting in presenting their own legal case, at a fraction of the cost. Small claims cases can save fortunes lost in a typical civil case. In Small claims, a person can bring their accusation against another, whether it is civil, contract, or a wrong of some kind, to a value of no more than $10,000 dollars. For most people, this is the best most cost effective tool the legal system has to offer. Part of the reduced cost and expenses, is that parties are not allowed to bring attorneys into Court. However, parties can consult an attorney to prepare and organize the matter and increase the odds of success through strategic preparation. Assad Hafeez offers a flat fee service that is affordable and typically brings a faster resolution of the case than otherwise. Contact 916-836-5755 to learn more. As a member of the California bar, Hafeez can advise you for any California legal matter.