Assad Hafeez Esq, Summary of Political Asylum, Sacramento Immigration (video)

Assad Hafeez, Esq. speaks regarding Political Asylum. He provides Immigration Services in Sacramento, California. Practicing Immigration Law, he handles political asylum cases for those who have been targeted for their political activity. When someone is targeted for their membership in a political party, it can qualify under U.S. immigration law as “political persecution”. One must demonstrate that they have been targeted or persecuted “on account of” their political membership, political activity, or for their political beliefs. This is only a short summary of the general concepts. A skilled immigration practitioner can check your records or circumstances to see if you qualify for a political persecution argument or to see if there is a viable argument for political asylum.

Some of Assad’s clients have been able to advance without some of the above requirements under what is called “imputed” status or “imputed” beliefs. Assad can review your record or facts to see if you qualify under such a theory, even if you lack membership in a political party. There are many ways to argue asylum and the same goes for this area of asylum law.

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  1. Mr Assad sab Asslamo alaikum Sir.
    My name is khalid from pak.51 yrs age. I am in USA since November 2012 living as overstayed. I applied my asylum very late In NY jan 2018 on political ground to protect myself from any sudden problem ie arrest etc. Uscis has called my early interview due to new changed laws. I hv been rejected by them and been referred to immg court where my first date to appear is on oct 25 2018. I hv got my EAD now ( just waiting sc and lic.) and want to move Sacramento for some good earnings. Sir
    How can u handle my case and can move it here in ca..and what will be ur best affordable fee…pls reply i am an honest and a serious client sir thanx..

    1. Khalid, thank you for contacting my office and leaving a comment on my blog article regarding Political Asylum. I’d like to examine your issue further, I will send you an email to discuss your matter further and to see if we have a viable defense before the court…

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