Hafeez Esq defends immigrants from Deportation by presenting cases in Immigration Court, which are located in San Francisco.

“Non detained” cases are tried before immigration judges at 100 Montgomery Street, Ste 800, San Francisco, CA 94104. If you are your family member are not detained by ICE and have a Notice to Appear in San Francisco CA, then you are most likely supposed to appear at this location. Sometimes judges relocate hearings to other rooms and floors.

All detained cases are heard at 630 Sansome Street, 4th Floor, Room 475, San Francisco, CA 94104. If you or your family member is currently detained by ICE and a hearing is approaching in San Francisco, then it is very likely that the hearing will take place in this building. This building is also where bond hearings or Bond/Custody redetermination hearings take place.

Deportation defense can include any of the following:

  1. Asylum relief or requesting Asylum
  2. Seeking Withholding of Removal or Convention Against Torture
  3. Voluntary Departure
  4. Cancellation of Removal or the Deportation
  5. Reopening a case after a previous order of removal, if removed “in absentia” or missing a hearing
  6. Filing a Pereira motion if DHS issued a defunct or defective Notice to Appear, this can cause the case to be terminated and then reset by DHS