Immigration Law

Hafeez Esq., on behalf of Legal Strategies Company, represents immigrant families, whether it is before the Immigration Courts, Federal Agency interviews, or in any immigration-related documents or filings. He is happy to provide quality and detailed service in obtaining immigration status for his clients.

Municipal Law & Local Code Defense

Hafeez Esq enjoys defending local property and business owners from California code and municipal violations, fines, and administrative penalties. Landlords, in particular, can get into trouble for the illegal activity of third parties or of their tenants, especially with indoor cannabis cultivation. Hafeez represents such owners and business in front of local authorities to fight and defeat penalties and charges against his clients.

California Restraining Orders

Hafeez helps Californians obtain Restraining Orders against threatening individuals, while defending anyone subject to unreasonable Orders, or challenging Orders that are based on false charges. As an immigration attorney, Hafeez brings special protection for one’s legal status and reputation.

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