Hafeez shares what success looks like at Immigration Court! This is an order from the court in Texas, moving the case to San Francisco, California.

Assad Hafeez Esq of Legal Strategies Company, Sacramento, files motions to the immigration court.

Hafeez, located in Sacramento, California, commutes to and from the immigration court in San Francisco California, where he files motions to the immigration court. He also filed motions and requests with courts, for example Motions to Change Venue.

This kind of motion is basically a request to move the case from one court location, to another. Hafeez Esq. has had great success with these motions that provide tremendous value and relief to families that have a loved one subject to court proceedings. Often, a person may have court in Texas, but the family, work, and life is all the way here, in California.

In that event, Assad Hafeez Esq. can argue on your behalf, that the court should grant a request to move the court case. Hafeez must provide documents and information in support, towards your request, to convince the judge that it makes sense to approve the motion. If you request is not approved, you risk having to appear to court in the existing court location and if you do not appear, you risk having an order for your deportation. Do not risk you or your loved one’s case by not properly having the motion prepared and submitted to the correct location in a manner that is persuasive to the judge!