Video Explains Deportations without Court (Expedited Removal)

The case discussed in this video is:

THURAISSIGIAM v. DHS, March 7 2019, 9th Circuit.

The decision, can be read here:

“Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) removes noncitizens eligible for expedited removal without further hearing or review, subject to only one exception: If, in an interview with a CBP officer, the noncitizen indicates an intent to apply for asylum or a fear of persecution, DHS must refer the noncitizen for an interview with an asylum officer. If the asylum officer finds no credible fear of persecution, the noncitizen will be removed. A supervisor reviews the asylum officer’s credible fear determination, and the noncitizen may also request de novo review by an immigration judge.”

The video and this case addresses Expedited Removal (deportation or removal without court), Mandatory detention (or arrest without release or bail), and the Asylum or Credible Fear Determination (requesting a interview for a fear of returning to your home country).