Moving Court or “Changing Venue” (VIDEO)

Moving Your Court Case or “Changing Venue” (VIDEO)

Did you know that if needed, you can have your immigration court case moved from one state or location, to another? It requires demonstrating “good cause” or that it is justified in your case.

Hafeez has successfully argued for cases from Texas to be moved to San Francisco, California for example, when the facts of a given case warrant or justify it. Hafeez provides to the Court, the “good cause” through several detailed explanations, with evidences in support.

It is worth noting, that these requests are known as “Motions to Change Venue” and they have certain minimum requirements before a judge will consider them. Hafeez explains some of those minimum requirements in the video above.

Hafeez can represent and file for you, a request to change venue and have your case moved from one state, to another, provided that you give him all the information and details required, so that he can demonstrate to the court that “good cause” exists in your case.