Hafeez ESQ: Defended landlord from cannabis local admin code fine (video)

Legal Strategies Company, Assad Hafeez ESQ, Defends landlord from nearly 1 million local administrative fine, Cannabis code (video)

A local landlord was defended successfully by Assad Hafeez ESQ after threatened by a nearly 1 million dollards administrative fine. The city sought this from the landlord although the tenant engaged in illegal indoor cannabis cultivation on the landlord’s property. Tenant fled the property after police inspected the lot, however left substantial damage behind.

Assad Hafeez responded to the city’s allegation that landlord should pay and be responsible. Through detailed filings and advocacy before the local city council, Assad convinced the committee to not fine landlord.

Assad Hafeez ESQ defends landlords when they are wrongfully accused of a tenant’s illegal grow operations and can handle your cannabis-related cases.

He can be reached at the contact below for more information and is eager to handle your local administrative penalty, administrative fine, city, county, or local authority cases.