Hafeez Esq. video on National Interest Waivers: Skip employer sponsor & certification

Attorney Hafeez Esq. is excited about National Interest Visas that he files from his office in Sacramento.

Assad Hafeez of Legal Strategies Company Sacramento explains the basics of National Interest Visa Waivers that he files. If approved, these can help applicants that are qualified, to avoid significant things that are required for most employee petitions. You can file without a employer when preparing this kind of petition. Not only do you “self-petition”, you also skip the entire Labor Certification process, which basically is where an employer has to demonstrate to the Department of Labor, that by hiring a foreign worker, it will not needlessly displace American labor. USCIS and immigration can allow this to benefit American Interest in key areas that are in need, which is what I as your attorney argues on your behalf. These petitions require lots of time, care, and detail to prepare and Hafeez Esq. can apply his background of immigration and international relations to maximize the odds of your success. Watch the video!