A. I fear returning to my home country because of violence, poverty, crime, or I think I will be in danger and persecuted if I return.

B. I do not want to return to my parent or family member back home who will neglect, abuse me, endanger me…

C. Help! I am in immigration Court!

D. I am a victim of at least one of the following, crime, human trafficking, domestic violence or abuse…

E. I want my spouse or fiancé to get immigration status, green card, residency.

F. I have an advanced employment or educational history and want a work or business related visa.

G. I want to petition family members.

H. I am a former or current government official/officer of my home country and I do not want to return. I am a relatively high ranking official or status, or diplomat and reasonably fear danger upon return.

I. I want to amend or change a petition I previously made for a family member as things have changed & I need help!